Campus Berlin Buch Exhibition

Nov 12,2023

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GemPharmatech will be exhibiting at Campus Berlin Buch (Mensa Entrance) on November 20, 2023! Don't miss this opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the field of mouse models and explore how our offerings can accelerate your project.


Utilizing advanced gene editing technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9, TALEN, ZFN, and ES, GemPharmatech has developed an extensive collection of over 20,000+ genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) for research and drug development. This event provides a unique platform for you to engage with key members of our team and learn more about our company and products.


Event Details:

Date: Monday, November 20

Location: Campus Berlin Buch, Foyer of the Mensa


We warmly invite you to join us and take full advantage of this opportunity. We look forward to meeting you there!