Get 6 Complimentary Germ-Free Mice for Your First GF Experience with GemPharmatech

May 01,2023

Germ-free (GF) mice are laboratory animals that have no detectable living organisms (including microorganisms or parasites). Compared to conventional SPF animals, GF animals require more rigorous control of microorganisms, and the maintenance of GF status is technically more challenging.

Characteristics of GF Mice

1. Lower body weight and reduced weight of the heart, liver, kidney and spleen;

2. Weaker digestion and absorption function, thinner intestinal muscle layer, increased intestinal villi and enlarged cecum;

3. Weaker immune system function, with a significant decrease in the concentration of lgA in the blood.

Application of GF Mice

GF animals have been extensively use in a wide range of research:

a. Host-Microbe interaction

b. Disease causality and pathogenesis

c. Animal husbandry and animal nutrition

d. Drug efficacy evaluation and safety assessment

e. Probiotics, prebiotics and live biotherapeutics

f. Cancer immunotherapy

g. Metabolic diseases

h. Autoimmune diseases

i. Neurological disorders

…and more!

GemPharmatech’s germ-free (GF) mouse facilities cover an area of 2,000 m2 and house a few hundred sterile isolators. It has become a leading GF mouse production and experimental base in China. Our GF breeding facilities and laboratories have a dual biosafety system (barrier system + isolator system), and the temperature, humidity, noise and lighting controls in the husbandry system conform to international standards, which have been certified by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). GemPharmatech is regularly evaluated by the Performance Evaluation Program for Diagnostic Laboratories by the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS).

Free Trial of Germ-free Mice

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