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GemPharmatech is a global biotech company dedicated to providing a one-stop-shop solution for in vivo biomedical research using genetically engineered mouse models. The GPT team has 20 years of experience in generating and breeding disease models and conducting preclinical efficacy studies for both academic and industrial clients.


We are dedicated to our long-term mission of providing world class mouse models and pre-clinical services to facilitate an efficient and rapid advancement of science to treat human diseases. We believe that the next 20 years will bring forth amazing medical breakthroughs.


The company has a comprehensive service platform which includes humanized mouse models, customized model generation, germ-free mice service, breeding and husbandry and numerous disease models. Our ambitious knockout all platform (KOAP) is currently generating knockout and conditional knockout mice for all protein coding genes. In addition, we can perform, phenotyping, drug development and efficacy testing.