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Immune checkpoint molecules are a type of cell-surface proteins expressed on white blood cells or tumor cells. They act as a gatekeeper of immune responses by either activating or inhibiting signaling pathways upon ligand binding. Immune checkpoint antibodies target these proteins for efficient tumor removal. Breakthroughs in adaptive immune cell therapy (e.g., CAR-T, CAR-NK) and immunotherapies based on checkpoint biology (e.g., PD-1, CTLA-4 antibodies) represent a bright future for cancer treatment and bring hope for better patient care. Despite significant advances in the field, developing humanized immune checkpoint mouse models has emerged as one of the most difficult challenges for preclinical research and drug safety evaluation.

GemPharmatech has developed a series of proprietary humanized immune checkpoint mouse models on both BALB/c and C57BL/6 genetic backgrounds. The extracellular regions of the mouse immune checkpoints are replaced with the corresponding human fragments, supporting antibody recognition against human immune checkpoints while ensuring proper intracellular signal transduction through the mouse transmembrane and intracellular portions. These models are suitable for antibody efficacy and safety evaluation including bispecific antibody evaluation for cancer immunotherapy and other applications. We provide comprehensive in vivo R&D testing services to our clients by offering appropriate solutions for disease models and study designs corresponding to their drug’s mechanism of action. We offer 60+ of these mouse models for a myriad of scientific applications. Our goal is to develop 600 humanized models for therapeutic development by the end of 2022.

Models are available on dual genetic backgrounds

single, double, and triple target humanized immune checkpoint mouse models available on dual genetic backgrounds

Advantages of GemPharmatech’s Humanized Immune Checkpoint Mouse Models:

  • Single, double, and triple knockin models of all known human immune checkpoint targets
  • Better simulation of the clinical side effects of immune checkpoint antibody drugs
  • Better suitability for evaluating combination therapy or comparing different drug candidates

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