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GemPharmatech Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of animal models and services, especially in the development of humanized animal models, to global pre-clinical R&D communities. Its global headquarters is located in Nanjing, China. Its US operation has a main office located in Wilmington, Delaware, the heart of “Cellicon Valley” known for Biotechnology, with sales teams in Boston (MA), Atlanta (GA), Dallas (TX) and other locations. The US operation also provides products and services to European and Middle Eastern customers with sales team based in the regions. The Company is specialized in generating mouse models using cutting edge gene-editing technologies.  GPT has developed one of the world's largest collection of over 17,000 different mouse models with a large collection of conditional knockout (cKO) and knockout (KO) mice, humanized mice, immune deficient mice and germfree mice. In addition, GPT provides a one stop service in model customization, breeding, phenotyping, and pharmacology services including drug efficacy test, pharmacokinetics (PK) service and safety evaluation.

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