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Limited Time Offer: Knockout All Project (KOAP)

Best choice to accelerate your research

Building the world’s largest library of knockout mouse strains

In 2017, GemPharmatech proudly launched its flagship Knockout All Project (KOAP), which aims to generate knockout and conditional knockout mouse strains for all protein-coding genes in the mouse genome. Our specialized CRISPR-Cas9 pipeline can generate mutant mouse strains fast, efficiently, and directly on the desired genetic background. To date, we have generated over 17,000 cKO/KO mouse strains, providing mouse models for a variety of research fields such as aging, development, endocrinology, genetics and genomics, immunology, metabolism, neurobiology, oncology, and reproductive medicine. GemPharmatech’s strong R&D capability enables us to produce over 6,000 new mutant strains annually. By making these models available, KOAP is committed to providing the best tool mice to our customers, to accelerate biomedical discovery and drug development. We are committed to meeting your research needs with our ever- growing resources.

KOAP Promotion Options

One: Special offer, get 5 strains for the price of 4

All 17,000+ KOAP products are available to match your research needs. Search our resources online: GPT mouse mall.

Two: Referral program, get a discount up to 20% off

When you successfully recommend a new customer to order a KOAP strain, both parties will receive a 10% discount coupon. If a total of 3 new customers you recommend successfully place orders for KOAP strains, you will receive a coupon for a 20% discount for KOAP strains!

4 steps to take advantage of the referral program

  • Application: Please let us know your interest and fill out the application form, which can be obtained by contacting globalservice@gempharmatech.com (APAC & Europe) and sales@gempharmatech.us (US).
  • Review: GPT staff will review the application, verify the information, and send feedback to the customer via email.
  • Delivery of discount coupons: Referral program’s customers will receive exclusive KOAP product discount coupon codes, which will be valid for 6 months upon receipt.
  • Use of discount coupons: Your referral discount will become applicable after the new customer successfully places an order.

Advantages of KOAP

  • Largest collection of CRISPR cKO/KO mouse strains
  • Over 17,000 available strains, with hundreds of new strains added every month.

  • Fast turnaround time
  • KOAP strains can be ready for delivery in as short as 90 days.

  • Most cost-effective return for your investment
  • Guaranteed quality (or we replace) and highly competitive price.

  • Hassle-free customer service
  • Orders can be placed online, or with our expert sales representatives at:

    globalservice@gempharmatech.com (APAC & Europe) and sales@gempharmatech.us (US).