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Webinar 2021

New Insights from Mouse Models for Pancreatic, Breast and Colon Cancers

1st broadcast: KST 20:00, EDT 07:00 | September 28th, 2021.

2nd broadcast: PDT 12:00, EDT 15:00 | September 28th, 2021.

According to IARC, there were 9.96 million deaths in 2020 and cancer is the second- leading cause worldwide. To save lives, we need efficacious and safe therapeutics. To develop such therapeutics, we need animal models resembling human diseases for preclinical efficacy and safety studies. Mouse models are invaluable tools in this regard.

In this webinar, Dr. Jiang and Dr. Smith will share the most up-to-date data on GemPharmatech’s mouse models for pancreatic, breast and colon cancers. Key points include:

  • KPC mouse model and drug efficacy testing using KPC cell line for pancreatic cancer R&D
    1. Characteristics and treatment strategies of pancreatic cancer
    2. KPC model construction strategy
    3. Applications of Kras G12D and TP53 models
  • MMTV-PyMT and APC min mouse models for breast and colon cancer research and drug development

For more information, please contact sales@gempharmatech.us