GemPharmatech Launches New Site and Research Platform in Shanghai Baoshan Base

March 21, 2023

GemPharmatech, a leading company in innovative biotechnology, has recently launched two major projects in its Shanghai Baoshan base: the North Shanghai Biomedical Industrial Park Model Animal Experimental Platform and the Shanghai Headquarters and R&D Center Project. These initiatives represent a key milestone for GemPharmatech, which has experienced remarkable growth since its inception five years ago. The company went public and established a nationwide industrial presence, with the Shanghai Baoshan base playing an essential role in its expansion strategy. GemPharmatech will embrace the opportunity to join Shanghai's rich biomedical network and fostering innovation and diversity in the industry.


The Experimental Service Platform Project will deliver high-quality model animal resources and services to Shanghai Biomedicine's upstream and downstream industries, university research institutes, and hospitals. It will also make clinical common technology research, coordinated scientific research collaboration, and the integration of production education research easier. The Shanghai Headquarters and Research and Development Center Project will house the company's core management team, business development team, technical support team, and cutting-edge research facilities. Its primary focus will be on the development of innovative goods and technologies for drug discovery and precision medicine.

GemPharmatech hopes to contribute to the development of Shanghai's biomedical industry and become a world-class leader in animal model innovation through these projects.