The application of transgenic mice in drug safety evaluation

September 12, 2023

Safety evaluation is indispensable during the non-clinical phase of developing innovative drugs including antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acid drugs, and cell therapies, 

but the new pharmaceutical preparations pose some challenges in non-clinical safety evaluation. Transgenic mice expressing humanized targets provide an alternative approach to assess the potential risks associated with newly developed drugs that exert efficacy and toxicity through specific targets. GemPharmatech has developed 364 strains covering fields such as oncology, metabolism, autoimmune, and neurology, which could well mimic human physiological conditions to support the safety evaluation of innovative drugs.

In this webinar, we will focus on the application of humanized mice in reproductive toxicity, general toxicity, and carcinogenic toxicity. The key points covered in this webinar are as follows:

- The application of humanized mice in GLP reproductive toxicity assessments

- Discussion of the background differences of humanized mice in general toxicity assessment

- An overview of the application of HRAS mice in carcinogenicity testing

PDT 8:00 am | CDT 10:00 am | EDT 11:00 am | CEST 17:00 pm, September 26th, 2023

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