Immune-mediated nephropathy: selection and application of mouse models

October 31, 2023

Immune-mediated Nephropathy is a group of chronic glomerular kidney diseases that originate in the kidneys and are caused by various underlying conditions. Due to a malfunctioning immune system in patients, immune complexes are deposited in the kidneys, causing damage to the kidney's inherent cells and triggering inflammatory responses. This disrupts the normal functioning of kidney cells, leading to symptoms of kidney disease such as proteinuria, hematuria, and edema. Regarding the treatment of kidney disease, while there are traditional therapies available, there is a lack of precise treatment methods, and many unmet clinical needs still exist in this area. Therefore, the topics for this webinar included:

  • Introduction to common immune-mediated nephropathy

  • Pathogenesis and treatment approaches for nephropathy

  • Preclinical efficacy assessment and animal model selection strategies

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