NeoMab: An Integrated Platform to Accelerate Fully Human Antibody Drug Discovery

August 23, 2023

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, antibody drugs have emerged as beacons of hope, displaying impressive effectiveness and safety in recent times. These antibody therapies, harnessing the body's immune prowess, are swiftly reshaping the medical landscape, and their market is experiencing unprecedented growth.

Yet, amidst their promising potential, challenges persist in their development. Astronomical costs, protracted timelines, and a relatively low success rate dampen the process of new drug development. For example, consider immunogenicity: antibodies derived from wildtype animals need further engineering, which is time-consuming and expensive, to increase their human component and meet therapeutic requirements.

Fully human transgenic mice, genetically manipulated to produce human antibodies upon antigen exposure, offer a pivotal solution for developing fully human antibodies.

We invite you to be a part of this informative session. The key points covered in this webinar are outlined below:

  • Overview of the advancements and challenges in antibody drug development

  • Solutions from fully antibody transgenic mice

  • Introduction to the fully human antibody transgenic model NeoMab

  • Application case study utilizing NeoMab for antibody drug development

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